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Today’s rental market is extremely fast paced and very fruitful – especially with the high prices to purchase. Most agents are not really interested in dealing with rental properties and it’s pretty easy to figure out why. Renting a property is almost as much work as selling one. Often, they don’t make any money renting after all the splits and commissions. Then, what else we can do? Unfortunately, there isn’t much alternative opportunity to advertise a vacant rental space, so we decided to develop rentmar.com

Rentmar.com is a premier, fully responsible online tool that connects landlords with potential tenants. Whether the consumer is a homeowner, a property manager or a real estate agent, they’re just a few clicks away from the success of renting their vacant space with rentmar.com. The map search and the wide list of integrated features(see them below) makes it easy to manage all of their rental units using their dedicated admin panel.

  • Features for consumers/visitors:
    – Integrated map with radius search
    – Fully responsible, crisp and modern, mobile friendly design
    – Advanced search: visitors can find the right property by letting them set various
search criteria such as property type and price range
    – Advanced filters: allow visitors to fine-tune their search results and focus on the details that matter the most
    – Live switch for list or grid layout
    – Integrated, easy to use contact forms for safe, easy communications
    – Autocomplete for geo locations by drop-down results
    – Gallery images: properties with image galleries that are nice to look at and a breeze to scroll through
    – List the latest properties registered
    – List the featured properties
    – List all registered, local agents or property managers
    – Similar properties: visitors can see a list of similar properties showing properties similar to the one they’re viewing
    – Compare properties: Visitors can compare different properties based on their features and parameters
    – Walk score and nearby places and amenities of each property
    – Virtually walk around the place
    – Property video: will make a property even more informative by including a video that will work on all modern browsers
    – 360° Virtual Tour: interactive virtual tour for properties and show off as much as possible before a real-life viewing
    – Floor plans (if attached by the advertiser)
    – Print property detail page: visitors can print or create a paper-friendly PDF versions of  property pages so they can refer to them later Layout
    – Favorite the properties the visitor like or want to book a visit for
    – Sharing: anyone can share the property they like on social media outlet


  • Features for clients (landlords, agents or property managers):
    – Front end property submission: able to login and submit property listings from the front page
    – User profiles: each individual user can choose from one of the four: Agent, Landlord, Tenant or Property Manager roles
    – Admin panel: all members can log in to access their own, dedicated admin panel with an easy way to manage their profile, properties, invoices and many other settings
    – Social login: members can use their social media accounts so they can subscribe and login fast
    – Own virtual marketplace: professional-grade realty marketplace and user can manage it from the backend of the website
    – Profile page: Agents and property managers will have an attractive profile page where they can display their contact info and listings
    – Privacy: Landlords can choose to show or hide their emails and use the integrated communication platform instead
    – Virtual walk around or street view: fully automatic (address based)
    – Walk score and nearby places of each property: fully automatic (address based)
    – Easy registration with autocomplete for geo locations
    – Gallery images: uploading up to 10, high quality images
    – Property video: advertiser can add a video link to each listings
    – 360° Virtual Tour: an interactive virtual tour can be attached for each property
    – Floor plans can be attached to each property
    – Property labels: each listing can be highlighted as “featured” or “urgent”
    – Filtering features: advertisers can select various, additional features to their properties (such as: pool, sauna, home office, ect.)

Rentmar.com has been launched early October, 2017 but we got very positive feedbacks already from our first visitors and advertisers.
Our goal is to build up our directory to cover every town and city in Canada!
Happy Renting!
The RentMar Team

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